1. Choose the tool you like the most: Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote, Bunkr, whatever. You first need to feel comfortable doing this.
  2. White/blank space is not your enemy. You don’t have to fill aaaaaall your slide to make it look clever or engaging, in fact, adding element after element will just make it look boring.
  3. Use simple phrases, or even just words. Each slide has to be a “punchline”, if you’re not comfortable writing, ask a copywriter to help you.
  4. If you need to explain something with graphics, use basic shapes like squares, circles… etc. Don’t mix shapes on the same slide, it creates confusion.
  5. Use one image per slide. If you need to write something on it, simple: black text on a white rectangle.
  6. Do not oversize all the texts. Remember, your presentation will be viewed on a computer or will be projected on a big wall. You want people to listen to you, not read your slides.
  7. Don’t want to forget something? Use the notes panel or write keywords on a piece of paper.
  8. Don’t use cliparts. Period. If you want to add some personal or fun touch, do it while speaking, it’s more engaging for your audience.
  9. When you think you’re done. Re-check all your slides and cut at least 1/4 of the content. Make your slides flow go naturally, less is always more.
  10. You better work on your talk first than on the design of your presentation.

PS : You have the right to break one of the rules twice in case of absolute necessity.